31 Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Sailor

dry-bagsI’ve compiled 31 gift ideas for sailors starting from just a few dollars and up since I know it is always tough coming up with gift ideas for people who are passionate about something, and gift ideas for sailors are no exception because if they need it, most will go and get what they need.

To make browsing this list easier, I have separated them into 6 different sections:

Gifts Under $50

  • Waterproof bags can be handy to keep extra clothing, cellphones, cameras or important papers dry. Prices vary
  • Day sailors or racers may not have the luxury of a stove top but a thermos will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Prices vary
  • A waterproof camera can capture the moment no matter the weather. $17.50
  • Any sailor should be handy at tying the fundamental knots and The Handy Box of Knots includes practice rope and detailed instructions for tying over 100 essential knots. $8.95
  • There’s nothing worse than wet, cold feet. Stay dry with SealSkinz Waterproof MVT Socks. $35.00
  • BoGo Light is a solar powered flashlight created by SunNight Solar. Each purchase buys a flashlight for you and a relief organization of your choice. Prices between $39.00 and $49.00
  • SeaCards will help any sailor advance their boating knowledge. Topics range from basic vocabulary to navigation concepts. Excellent resource for the beginner and expert seaman. $24.95
  • Sailing Simulators by Posey Yacht Design provide virtual situations for the beginner, racer and cruiser. Designed to improve skill and tactics and offers expert advice. Can be instantly downloaded or shipped on a CD-Rom. From $44.95
  • There are a number of excellent sailing magazines that can inspire, inform and instruct on any topic. Subscriptions range from $10 to $30.00 for a year.
  • Night Sky Star Wheel for seafaring star gazers. $12.95

For the Racer

  • The Racing Rules Companion 2009-2012 offers guide to the basics of racing. Includes rules, visual signals, penalty turns and advice. $14.95
  • Racing rules are changing January 1, 2009 and North U. is offering it’s Rules Seminar in several locations. Instruction will include all racing rules but will focus on the new rules and how to make use of them tactically. $50-$115
  • The St. Martin 12 Meter Challenge puts you on a multi-million dollar America’s Cup Race Boat in a match-race against another yacht. Participants volunteer for active or semi-active crew positions for an exhilarating hands-on racing experience. Prices vary
  • Waterproof stopwatch is a must for racers. Prices vary

For the Beginning Sailor

  • The Sailor’s Illustrated Dictionary is a comprehensive lexicon of nautical terms for wind, tides, weather, equipment, rigging, knots, boat-handling, piloting and navigating. New and used from $2.00
  • Chapman Essential Marine Knots will familiarize the beginning sailor with the knots to master, includes glossary, detailed instructions and when to use it. $12.95
  • SeaCards will help any sailor advance their boating knowledge. Topics range from basic vocabulary to navigation concepts. Excellent resource for the beginner and expert seaman. $24.95
  • Sailing lessons can provide the basics to sailing in just a day and a fun, safe and hands-on experience for new sailors. Prices vary

For the Cruiser

  • Up-to-date information of tides and currents is essential for safe, successful cruising. Find tide and current tables for any region you plan to visit in 2009. From $13.95
  • Coffee snobs need not suffer caffeine-withdrawl during cruises. A stovetop espresso maker will brew coffee and steam milk to rival the best barista. $98.00
  • World Cruising Routes combines maps, GPS coordinates and route-by-route descriptions of weather and hazards into the complete cruising guide. From $54.27
  • Games replace TV and encourage solidarity during short and long cruises. Card games, knot games and board games will be a welcome addition to any cruiser’s cache. From $5.50
  • The Great Cruising Cookbook will inspire the palate with lively recipes and tips on provisioning around the world. $27.50
  • Just because you’re sailing doesn’t mean you’re roughing it. Unbreakable tumblers garuntee hard-earned libations at the end of the day. $7.75-$8.50
  • Logging essential information while cruising will be a breeze with this small, splash-proof log book. $12.95

For the Sailing Naturalist

  • leather journal is a classy and long-lasting way to keep record of plants and animal sightings. From $12.00
  • Waterproof binoculars will garunetee wildlife sightings will not be missed. Prices vary
  • Wildlife field guides for marine, coastal, tidal habitats offer a wealth of knowledge and tips for classifying sightings. From $6.25

For the Intellectual Sailor

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