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ActiveFisherman.com was created to share the passion of fishing and being on the water. Our mission is to inspire, educate and make the lives of fishermen all around the world more enjoyable and simpler. We want to help you find more fish, faster and catch them easier. We also want to help you find and maintain your fishing gear – from boats to terminal tackle – more efficiently and cost effectively.

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About The People

Learn more about who’s behind this site and what we’re all about.

Mika – General Manager

mika-fishMika was bit by the boating and fishing passion the minute he crossed the Florida state line. When he’s not on the water you’ll find him marketing web sites, enjoying life outside with his dog or cooking a great meal. No matter where he is or what he’s doing at the moment, he eats, sleeps and breathes boats and fishing!

Mika has been building websites since 1993 and enjoys sharing his passions by sharing what he’s learned with others. In addition to life on the water, he is a dog lover and food enthusiast and hopes to some day build a small tropical paradise for himself on some island, some where.

His goal is to work with some of the sharpest fishing and boating experts and create one of the best online fishing and boating resources around.

Benjamin  – Boating Writer

benjamin-rousseyBenjamin hails from California where he grew up fishing and exploring the Northern California coast on his family’s boats.

He’s traveled the seas aboard USS Oldendorf and USS Fletcher while serving in the US Navy. He’s lived, boated and fished in Korea, Saudi Arabia, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico among other places.

He translates his passion for fishing and boating by writing professionally about them after earning two Master’s degrees and working for companies small and large.

Mayowa – Florida Fishing Writer

Mayowa OgunjobiMayowa Ogunjobi started fishing in the grassy flats of the Forgotten Coast region of Florida, where he grew up.

He now lives in Melbourne, Florida with his wife and five cats whom all appreciate him bringing fish home.

We’re Looking for You!

We are looking to add more contributors to our team!

If you like to write and are passionate about fishing, boating (or both!) send us an email to [email protected]