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One of the boating & fishing forums I frequent has a thread about “great deals” about fishing gear & marineĀ supplies (but occasionally other things like TVs and such sneak in) where the members post links to deals they find at a substantial discount.

I found this thread very useful and have purchased a few things that people have posted. However, it got me thinking about automating the process.

So I decided to build a simple solution that monitors some selected pages for discount fishing gear, marine supplies and marine electronics and if there are new items added to these pages it automatically sends an email (currently only once daily, only if there are new items) with the list of newly added items.

If you’d like to get an email with some steeply discounted fishing gear, marine supplies & marine electronics when these deals pop up, just sign up for the newsletter via the form to the left.

Here’s a quick sample of what the mail looks like:

Discount Fishing Gear, Marine Supplies & Marine Electronics