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Looking for a Panga Boat for sale? We are passionate about the Panga style of boat want to give back to the community and offer a place where individuals and dealers can list their various Panga boats for sale.

US Panga Dealers & Manufacturers

Andros Boatworks – Sarasota, Florida

Boat manufacturer offering boats from 18 to 32 foot with a number of Panga inspired / styled models. Very nice boats, but also carry the very nice price tag.

Angler Boat Corporation – Miami, Florida

Commercial boat manufacturer building Panga models in 22 and 26 foot lengths.

Apex Panga – Distributors in Newport Beach, California & Annapolis, Maryland

2 US distributors Importing Costa Rican built Apex Pangas in 21, 25 and 26 foot versions. Built by the same company that bulids Apex inflatable boats.

Hilverdink Boatworks – Deerfield Beach, Florida

Custom boat builder offering Panga style boats. Recent advertisement stated a 16 foot skiff hull-only tiller version price of $3000, with a cap model and small console for $5000.

Mojito Boats – Sarasota, Florida

Boat manufacturer building “Reengineered Panga Design” boats from 16 to 23 foot lengths. Owned by Rivolta Yachts. Their models tend to be quite a bit more beamy than what some people may refer to as the original or “true” Pangas.

NBC Boatworks – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Custom boat builder offering the Colombian built Eduardoño 22.5 and 25 foot models in both basic and deluxe versions starting at $12,975. USCG certified. Nearly ready to mount your engine and run, very little work compared to building your own floor like on the Imemsa models.

Panga Marine – Sarasota, Florida

Boat manufacturer building Panga type models from 18-29 foot. Basic 18 foot skiff starts at just under $10k.

Panga USA – Corpus Christi, Texas
Exclusive US importer of Imemsa Pangas. Imemsa are the Mexican manufacturer of the original Yamaha designed Panga. Various models available from 14 to 33 feet. Most models are true “hull only” with no floor, consoles or other equipment.

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