Boaters’ Grassroots Hurricane Relief Fund

We are starting a grass roots relief fund.

Here’s the beauty of how it works: It costs you nothing.

Seriously, all you have to do is click here before before you buy anything on Amazon.


It doesn’t matter whether you buy it to send stuff to physical relief efforts (which would be super of you, BTW) or something for yourself, or as a gift, or anything else.

Amazon and the other companies linked here will, at no charge to you, pay us a % for all purchases through these links like they do with other links on our site. It’s part of the Amazon Associates and other partner programs we use on this site. We are just choosing to donate these commissions to the relief efforts. It’s that simple.

In turn, we will donate all of the $ they pay us to Hopetown Volunteer Fire Department, HeadKnowles, Bahamas Red Cross, and/or another reputable organization and make a public accounting of it right here on this page.

It works year round. If you keep clicking and buying, they keep paying us a % – and we will keep donating.

If this grass roots effort lasts long term, as I hope it will, I will find a reputable, qualified organization in whatever affected area is impacted in the future.

Thank you for helping us help those in need.

Accounting Report:

Screenshots are available here.